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"Other Pay-Per-Click Search Engines & Services"

If you've been at the pay-per-click search engine marketing game for any length of time you know there are numerous small pay-per-click services to add to your "marketing mix". While they're not as well known as Google or Yahoo, many are worth a second look for the minimal investment and the traffic they can send to your website.

These smaller pay-per-click search engines are generally called, "second tier" and the majors like Google, "first tier". Yes, they won't send you as much traffic as the majors but they'll be less competition for keywords, which results in lower price per bids and higher positions. Make sure when using these smaller engines you test and track to see where you money is best spent.

There are a few hundred "second tier" engines. Let's examine a few of the more popular ones: (Each link below will open in a separate window)

Ask: "The listings in your campaigns appear in sponsored search results and other relevant ad placements across their extensive network of partner sites, giving you access to millions of Internet users."

Clicksor: "A content targeting, contextual advertising network. Employing Clicksor’s innovative technologies, advertisements can be selected and then served by automated systems, based on the relevancy of the content of specific websites."

Marchex Adhere- Formerly Enhance. Advertise on more than 200 premium publisher sites. More than 30 million unique monthly visitors

7Search- has been a leading pay per click advertising and affiliate network since their inception in 1999.

Search123- "Launched in October 2000 as one of the first pay-per-click search engine platforms, Search123 allows advertisers to list their sites, bid on keywords and receive targeted search traffic from hundreds of high quality content sites, directories and search engines."

SearchFeed- "Through sponsored search results, provides online advertisers access to a network of leading Web properties."

ABCSearch- "Brings you face to face with your targeted customers—people who are actively searching for keywords relevant to your business."

Brainfox- "Delivers leads inexpensively
and efficiently, directly aligning results with investment. With bids starting at a penny,
driving users to your site costs a fraction of the tier-one search engines. "

Epilot: "You choose the search terms you’d like to be found under and the amount you’d like to pay for each click to your site. The higher your bid in relation to other advertisers, the higher your listing appears in search results."

Kanoodle: "Reach consumers who are interested in what you offer, and use their tools to schedule, budget and manage your campaigns. With unmatched customer service and easy to use purchase and placement tools, Kanoodle is a smart addition to your search campaign."

Findology: "When you advertise with Findology, you supercharge your advertising efforts with one of the largest networks on the web. The Findology Network currently serves over 4 billion searches per month. Your ads will appear on the top content sites and search engines ensuring that you will receive only the highest quality targeted traffic."

LookSmart: Their network servers over 500 million queries per day. Reach a targeted audience through a high quality network.

ValueClick Ad Exchange: "When you advertise with ValidClick AdExchange your PPC ads are syndicated through their network of niche search engines, shopping comparison sites, and other PPC networks."

BlowSearch: Puts you in control of your pay-per-click advertising. Access Over 4 billion impressions and 115 million users each month. "At Copernic Media Solutions they provide comprehensive advertiser solutions including Pay-Per-Click and Graphic Ads distributed across the Copernic Media Solutions Publisher Network."

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