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So You Want to be a "Google Advertising Professional""

If you consider yourself a Google Adwords Expert and handle your own or other Adwords accounts for clients you may want to become a "Google Advertising Professional". What? You didn't know there was such a thing? Well, there is, but it does come with certain requirements in order to be eligible.

First off you'll need to have at least one Adwords account for at least 90 days before applying. You must also have a minimum spend in that 90 day term
of at least 1,000.00 for your account or those that you manage for others. Last but not least you'll need to register and pass the "Google Advertising Exam". There's no cost to sign up for the program but the test cost $50.00 and if you don't pass it the first time, it will run you 50.00 each and every time you need to retake it.

Once you sign up for the program you'll be given access to something called "My Client Center". If you already have a personal account it will be automatically upgraded. This will act as your "master account" and allows you to handle multiple accounts all from one interface with a single login. If needed you can "link" and "unlink" client accounts you'll be managing and can also alter your personal settings.

Once accounts are linked both you and your customer will have access to their account. You can update their campaigns, manage account tasks, view billing
summary history information and more. As a manager of someone's account you won't have access to their proprietary information such as credit card and other personal details.

You'll also be given access to Google's Learning Center" which has free web based lessons and quizzes, many in Flash, that you can use to practice for the big exam. Once you feel you're ready you can register to take the exam.

The exam itself covers both basic and advanced topics with a little over 100 questions. You'll get 1.5 hours to complete it and must get 75% or better to pass it. If you flunk the first time you can take it again, up to 2X a month. Your "qualified title" will expire one year after the date that you pass the exam.

So what type of person or organization might benefit from certification? Search Engine Marketers, Search Engine Optimizers, Web Designers, Marketing Consultants, anyone who would like to offer Adwords Management services to their clients.

Once you pass the exam you'll be recognized as an "Adwords Professional" and given a professional logo to put on your website to advertise your new found knowledge to the public. You'll need to read the fine print as the logo does come with some very strict guidelines as far as usage.

If you think you've got what it takes to become a member of this elite group why not take the chance to prove your in depth knowledge and understanding of Google's Adwords Program by stepping up to the challenge.

Pay Per Click advertising isn't going away anytime soon so if you've been looking to expand your services into this market, here's your chance.

To learn more go to

or visit Google's Learning Center at


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