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"Secret PPC Marketing Techniques Exposed"

By John Robert

Many internet marketers find that while ppc marketing is a sure way to get potential customers to your site and affiliate products with little effort it is also a quick and easy way to lose a lot of money. There are however certain ppc marketing techniques that when employed on a consistent basis can dramatically increase the return on investment (ROI) of almost any ppc campaign.

The most important of all ppc marketing techniques is the optimization of your ads and landing pages. This means that your ad copy should relate to the keyword you are bidding on and also represent what the visitor is going to find when they click on your ad. The search engines are all about relevancy and Google in particular will actual rank your ad higher while letting you pay less than someone who has a poor ad quality and click through rate (CTR). CTR is the number of times your ad is clicked on versus the amount of impressions received.

To help increase your CTR always try to use the specific keyword in the title of your ad. If you are bidding on multiple keywords for one ad Google has a neat little keyword insertion tool that allows you to insert each keyword into the ad copy. By placing {keyword} into the ad Google will insert whatever the keyword is into the ad at that particular spot. This is a quick and easy way to boost your CTR without writing hundreds of different ads for all your relevant keywords

Another ppc marketing technique that will increase your CTR is to split test different ads. Google and most other ppc search engines will allow you to run two separate ads for the same keyword or groups of keywords and will show the better performing ad more frequently. Once you see which is the better performing ad delete the other and try to out do the better one. By constantly testing new ad copy you will eventually maximize your CTR and in the case of Google you can even lower your ad costs and keep the same position.

Aside from the ad itself you should optimize your landing pages to reflect your ads and the keywords involved. Ask yourself, what are they looking for when they search for your keywords. Try to answer their question or solve there problem and make a recommendation to the product you are trying to sell. If they feel that you are an expert on the topic at hand the will likely take your advice instead of hitting the back button and looking for something else.

Although there are other ppc marketing techniques that you can use to help increase your CTR and overall ROI the methods listed above are the most important to begin implementing. Once you master these and start to see consistent results in your ads performance then you can experiment with other ppc marketing techniques.

In the last two years John Robert, through much trial and error and by studying many of the worlds top super affiliates has finally discovered the hidden secrets to profiting from ppc advertising. You too can learn the secrets of a super affiliate by visiting The Affiliate Conspiracy

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