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"How to Improve Your Keyword Quality Score"

By Mark Neustedt

If you're new to AdWords, or even if you have some experience with it, you may still be unaware of how exactly the keyword Quality Score works. This means that you end up losing a lot of money, because your minimum bids get raised when your keyword Quality Score goes down.

Often, everything is going fine, and one day, for no seeming reason, you get Google slapped - the bot determines, out of the blue, that your keywords aren't relevant enough. If they lower the keyword Quality Score to poor, that keyword ends up being tagged "Inactive for Search".

Google makes a lot of profit from the ignorance of its advertisers, and that's why they never tell you how you can increase the relevance of your keywords. This has happened to a lot of people, not just you.

But some of these people have found ways to get past Google's system and raise their Quality Score.

There are solutions to this frustrating problem.

It's a matter of knowing what Google is trying to achieve with this system. Their aim is to make the AdWords system work for both its consumers and the advertisers by displaying only quality ads that really deliver the products they promise.

To figure out whether an ad does this, they rank the keyword according to its relevance to its landing page and to the product.

You have to select keywords that have traditionally had good performances for other advertisers. You also have to make sure that it's completely relevant to your ad and your landing page. Pick a keyword that describes what you're selling in very specific terms, not just general terms.

This will help the searcher differentiate your site from other sites selling similar items and help you by having more of the clicks translate to sales. The keyword Quality Score is designed to make it better and more profitable for you and for your buyers.

You may be wondering why Google doesn't just come out and tell you how to improve your keyword Quality Score, if its aim is to help you and the buyer. Well, that's because Google makes a lot of money from advertisers who are willing to pay more per click to maintain their Quality Score.

There are places you can find help, though. You can easily access guides to defeating AdWords written by experienced marketers who started out just like you, and who will share all their techniques with you.

These techniques were developed through years of trial and error and hard work, not to mention investment of a lot of money. But because they have already done the work, you can use their guides to bypass all that work and start improving your keyword Quality Score today.

It's an unfortunate fact that nearly 80% of new and current AdWords users will never achieve a high enough Quality Score to be successful with PPC.

Find out which Google AdWords Guides will put you into the 20% of successful AdWords Users.

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